THE 2020 BAQ

This edition of the BAQ aims to discuss architecture based on the concept of Transformation. By means of the critical reading of architectural works and practices that achieve this type of intervention, we will study the transforming capacity of architecture from the discipline to its environment and the city, one that questions the existing system of relationships to reach a new approach that balances the ideal and the real.
The BAQ invites to discuss contemporary production of the built environment, aiming to better the practice of our profession.

Axes of the Biennial

Includes: debates, lectures, conversation panels, exhibitions, publications and the Academic Participation for critical analysis at national and international level.

There is Exchange, comparison and analysis integrating architectural and urban production in the continent, as well as ample debate on contemporary thinking. After a thorough evaluation carried out by the awards committee, a group of national and international experts with ample experience as jurors will judge more than 600 projects and publications.

Artistic and cultural manifestations complementary to the specialized axes. Architectural tours, exhibitions, cultural activations, networking spaces and events.

2020 BAQ

The leading figures in contemporary architecture

Share the experience with the leading figures in contemporary architecture. Don’t miss out.

Live the 2020 BAQ!


21 experts (speakers) and 11 invited architecture critics
Professionals from all over the world will meet in Quito to be part of the Academic Seminar – Transformations –Transformaciones.
Academic Participation
More than 100 works analyzed by universities and professionals from around the continent.
17 international and 5 national professionals who are at the top of their field will judge all new categories in the 2020 BAQ Awards.


The BAQ Internationally
The BAQ will take part in the 27th World Congress of Architects, UIA 2020 RIO, and will be part of the 3d edition of the Oscar Niemeyer Award 2020.
Official events
Be a part of a range of comprehensive events the 2020 BAQ has to offer.
2020 MIO
The 7th edition of the MIO is getting ready to show you a different outlook on the city. Can’t miss it!

A wide range of Cultural Events. Be a part of them!

The largest programme in architectural culture in the country.

Be an integral part of the Biennial!

The Biennial lets you form part of its cultural programme and events. Join the 2020 BAQ Call for Artistic Interventions.


Call for Artistic Interventions
Be a part of the most important Architectural Biennial of the continent, by taking part in our call for artistic interventions in spaces of interest around the city, during the 2020 BAQ.
2020 BAQ Exhibitions
The 2020 BAQ opens up to the city! Visit over 10 exhibitions on architecture offered for free by the Biennial.

And much more…

The largest architecture event in the continent

5 days / + 700 built works / 36 lecturers and critics / 2000+ daily participants



Since 1978, every November on even years, the Ecuadorian Association of Architects “Colegio de Arquitectos del Ecuador Provincial de Pichincha” (CAE-P) organizes the Pan-American Quito Architecture Biennial, (BAQ), considered one of the most important events of architecture in the Americas, now in its 22nd edition.






About Quito

In over 40 years, the Biennial has had the city of Quito as its main stage. Streets, squares, neighbourhoods, cultural centres, theatres, auditoriums, exhibition halls, art galleries, heritage settings and contemporary buildings, have all provided ideal spaces for debate and the exchange and advancement of ideas.

The city’s historic and geographic context, the richness of its architecture within the condition of being the first World Heritage Site in the world, make for the perfect backdrop for the BAQ, the most prestigious architectural event in the continent and the most important cultural event in the city.

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BAQ 2020

La Bienal Panamericana de Arquitectura de Quito (BAQ) es organizada por el Colegio de Arquitectos del Ecuador, Provincial de Pichincha (CAE-P), desde 1978.


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