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In a world of permanent change and constant transformations, the Pan-American Quito Architecture Biennial (BAQ) is an event that strives to establish connections through discussing contemporary issues on architecture and the city.

The BAQ is made possible through self-finance, that is why we associate with businesses and organizations establishing mutual cooperation agreements. On the one side organizations invest in our events, while the BAQ provides them with great visibility and brand positioning.

Forming part of the BAQ means taking advantage of the exposure to a diversity of audiences that participate and interact locally and internationally in all the events.

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There are many ways to work with the BAQ. We have promotional packages ready, nevertheless we can offer flexible options depending on the needs and interests of each institution or business.

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La Bienal Panamericana de Arquitectura de Quito (BAQ) es organizada por el Colegio de Arquitectos del Ecuador, Provincial de Pichincha (CAE-P), desde 1978.


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