The BAQ Awards

Confrontation of contemporary production in the built environment.
In its 21 editions, the award has had over seven thousand entries and has recognized important achievements and the strive for excellence in the fields of architecture and urbanism, in practice and theory.

The organizing committee of the 22nd Edition of the Biennial established as one of its main objectives, the restructuring of the BAQ AWARDS, aiming to renovate and update one of the main aspects that originated the Quito Architectural Biennial in 1978. These awards recognize excellence in projects and publications, built or published in the American continent during the four years previous to each edition of the BAQ.


BAQ Awards 2020:

All participating entries that meet the entry conditions will form part BAQ digital archive.

Full entry conditions and New Awards description

International coordinators:

The Pan-American Quito Architecture Biennial, throughout its history has collaborated with hundreds of professionals around the world as international coordinators for the awards.

Each coordinator is in charge of promotion and follow up-assistance in registration of participating entries for the awards in their home country.


What is the structure of the BAQ Awards?
The structure of the awards has now the following sub-division, each with several categories:

  • National BAQ Awards. (N)
  • Pan-American BAQ Awards. (P)
  • World BAQ Award for Habitat and Social Development. (M)
  • Student Gold Medal Awards.
¿Cuáles son los premios del concurso?
  • National BAQ Awards. (N)
  • Pan-American BAQ Awards. (P)
  • World BAQ Award for Habitat and Social Development. (M)
  • Student Gold Medal Awards.
What are the new categories for the Pan-American and National BAQ Awards?
  1. Single Family Houses. (P) (N)
  2. Multi-Unit Housing. (P) (N)
  3. Public or Private Facilities and Infrastructure. (P) (N)
  4. EAdministration, Institutional and Corporate . (P) (N)
  5. Small Scale . (P) (N)
  6. Interventions in Protected Buildings, Listed as Heritage or in Buildings of Historic Interest. (P) (N)
  7. Interventions in Existing Buildings with no Historic Interest, Protection or Listed as Heritage . (P) (N)
  8. Intervention in Public or Collective Spaces . (P) (N)
  9. Magazines. (P) (N)
  10. Books. (P) (N)
  11. Academic Publications. (P) (N)
What are the important dates for the 2020 BAQ Awards?
  • Entry deadline for all categories is October 1, 2020 at 18:00 Quito time (GMT-5)
  • The announcement of the finalists for every category will be on November 11 , 2020.
  • The announcement of the winners and award special event will be on November 13 , 2020.
Is there a special format for the entries in the BAQ Awards?
Yes, you must follow a determined format and have a minimum of photographs and drawings to enter the awards. Read the full entry conditions for the details here.

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